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Entry #1


2015-11-25 08:12:24 by eyeforit

Hello One and all , just uploaded my first piccy so here it begineth lol .


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2015-11-25 08:49:14

Hello and welcome to Newgrounds!(Whistle)Your first submission here is A-rated,wow,that's not easy for many new artists here.And it's not bad for a first,well done(don't get me wrong,I ain't a fan of the 'A' stuff).Hope to see more from you!Good luck!


2015-11-26 06:09:21

Hey, there, welcome to NG! Hope you enjoy your stay in this creative oasis! Nice art so far too, you've definitely got an eye for it.

eyeforit responds:

Thanks Cyber . Just need to understand the boundaries a bit more lol .